Ayala Land employee-volunteers tree-planting activity

Our Approach: Environmental Sustainability

At Ayala, our goal is to promote sustainability amidst progress. We remain committed to maintaining, conserving, and protecting the country’s natural resources where such actions are needed, but most especially in areas where we operate.

We integrate environmental protection in the operations of each of our businesses by continuously measuring and managing our energy and water consumption in the communities where we operate. We practice a comprehensive and effective solid waste management program through our engagement in community-based waste management activities, educational programs on proper waste segregation, and disposal, recycling, and handling of hazardous waste. We actively engage in initiatives to protect our watersheds through reforestation programs and water recycling. Even as we seek to invest in conventional energy sources, we are also pursuing the development of alternative sources of energy, such as wind, solar, and hydro power.

Our philosophy at Ayala is to operate beyond regulatory compliance and standards and move towards best practices and voluntary international standards on environmental responsibility. We are committed to managing and eventually reducing our collective carbon footprint, even as portfolios diversify and businesses continue to grow.