Manila Water pipelines expansion and rehabilitation in Metro Manila’s East Zone

Our Approach: Economic Sustainability

As a business group, it is our responsibility to deliver long-term financial returns and value to our stakeholders. We endeavor to deliver quality products and services to a broad base of customers, ensure consistent profitability, make prudent and value-accretive investments, and practice careful stewardship of our resources.

Ayala maintains its position of industry leadership by being a values-driven, goals-oriented, and stakeholder-focused business enterprise. We maintain a highly flexible funding position that allows the company to undertake value- enhancing initiatives for our current businesses, and make sizable investments in new sectors moving forward.

Ayala takes pride in aligning our businesses with national development goals and we believe that the companies’ long-term financial well being is closely linked with the well being of its stakeholders and of the country. We expand our economic value as well as society’s when we meet the needs of a larger community in ways that encourage overall development. Thus, we seek to broaden our domestic presence beyond our traditional markets and reach out to all levels, including those at the base of the economic pyramid that remain unserved or underserved.

We also recognize that public-private partnerships are critical to sustaining and raising the country’s growth trajectory. They drive our initiatives to diversify our portfolio, expand our presence across the country, and make new investments in sectors that we consider critical enablers for a more inclusive economic development.

Finally, we consider the name Ayala as a valuable business asset and carefully nurture our trademark because of the trust that has been built into the name over the last 177 years. It is endowed with meaning as a result of the positive experiences that people have had with our brand over the years. We fulfill our mission to ensure long-term profitability and increase shareholder value by anchoring our business practices on the enduring Ayala values of integrity, long-term vision, empowering leadership, and commitment to national development.