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Looking Ahead

At Ayala, we view sustainability as a powerful driver of national development. We commit to the group-wide adoption of Global Reporting Initiative's framework of sustainability in our businesses, leveraging our size and scale for widespread, lasting, and potent contributions to positive change.

All group companies are directed to manage the impacts of their growth on the environment and society by instituting adaptation and mitigation measures, improving their conservation and efficiency performance, promoting equitable and inclusive development, and cascading sustainability practices to their employees and their supply chains. These initiatives will be reported independently by the subsidiaries on an annual basis.

More companies will be included in the reporting and more performance indicators will be applied to improve on the materiality, comparability, accuracy, and robustness of performance data.

In the future, financial information will be integrated into the sustainability reports, in order to have a better and more strategic alignment of economic, social, and environmental objectives with business goals.

Ayala makes it a priority to be responsive to stakeholders' inputs and expectations on sustainability. It is for them that the Ayala group creates products and services with sustainability features embedded in their designs.

The group continues to ensure that sustainability initiatives are aligned to the national development and sustainability objectives, and to specific global standards and targets, such as the United Nations Global Compact and Millennium Development Goals, for which Ayala has expressed explicit support.

For employees, the group will conduct workshops and lectures on sustainability. These will be done continually, as each company matures into the practice and performance standards become more rigorous and industry-specific.

Sustainability strengthens the group's key competitive advantage so that it is able to fortify its leadership position. These sustainability commitments allow Ayala to truly deliver on its promise to be a transformational force in nation building.

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