Ayala Automotive Drives Sustainability Forward

Ayala Automotive Drives Sustainability Forward

In 2010, Ayala Automotive engaged with its network of Honda and Isuzu dealers to identify the pressing issues that are common to all dealers. One of the major concerns identified was proper waste management.

Waste monitoring and management is a key protocol in the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and can be immediately implemented at both corporate and individual levels. It shapes individual employee habits as it enables our dealers to work collectively in addressing one of the real causes of environmental degradation.

Our Honda and Isuzu networks took the next step by developing a waste management policy to limit the dealerships’ impact on the environment. In formulating this policy, local and national government regulations were carefully reviewed.

Ayala Automotive measured, evaluated, and improved on day-to-day operations according to these regulations. It also reviewed and addressed how dealers conducted their segregation, collection, storage, and disposal of waste, because every stage plays a critical role in implementing an effective waste management program. Thorough analysis and documentation led to the development of the following waste classification guide:

Waste disposal methods for each category were organized in various areas of the workplace, following the reduce-reuse-recycle approach and the color-coding of waste containers.

Cascading Sustainability to Employees and Suppliers

While Ayala Automotive has a team that formulates the policy, proper waste management is the responsibility of all employees and one that they must observe in their daily work routines. Employees are guided on how to manage the wastes in their respective work areas so that individual action adds up to one collective effort aimed at having a safer and cleaner environment.

We extend our effort to our business partners. Our waste management program will prove fruitless if beyond our dealerships, proper treatment, storage, and disposal are neglected. As such, we worked closely with the waste personnel of our suppliers and our collectors.

We also contracted government-accredited vendors specializing in waste transportation, treatment, and storage and disposal because they follow rigid waste-handling procedures for various categories, especially those identified as hazardous.

At the core of the waste segregation program is a commitment to environmental care. In the future, Ayala Automotive hopes to report on related sustainability issues, such as health and safety, fuel efficiency, and customer care.