BPI's commitment to customers

A Stakeholder-Focused Enterprise

In 2010, Ayala conducted various stakeholder engagement initiatives with our shareholders, employees, subsidiaries, customers, host communities, civil society organizations, non-government organizations, and government and regulatory authorities. These initiatives included surveys, formal and informal meetings and consultations, focus group discussions, interviews, and were conducted by the relevant departments.

Our subsidiaries and affiliates engaged with their various stakeholders according to the needs of their different businesses. Industry and peer associations, academe, media, customers, suppliers and contractors are some of their additional stakeholder groups. Issues and expectations that were considered reasonable and significant, and our companies’ responses to them are discussed in their respective sustainability reports and we invite interested readers to visit the different websites for copies of these reports.

Inputs from these engagements conducted by all the companies in the group have guided our actions in broadening our market presence to include the base of the pyramid, overseas Filipinos, and micro-entrepreneurs. Our bold actions and investments in environmental responsibility such as the greening of our supply chain, product innovations such as sustainable energy financing, and forays into new industries such as renewable energy have all been guided by constant engagements with all our stakeholders. We see them as partners in our corporate success and in the country’s economic and social development. We will continue to improve our engagement process in the years to come.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Ayala's diverse portfolio requires a management approach to product responsibility that is customer-centric. This approach solidifies our business leadership position. We believe that responding to our customers' needs gives us the opportunity to innovate and excel.

Customer satisfaction programs and mechanisms have long been in place in the different companies. While Ayala provides broad strategic directions, each of the subsidiaries exercises independence when undertaking these programs on a regular basis. They have sufficient leeway for monitoring, measuring, and managing customer satisfaction.

Ayala companies use surveys, comprehensive studies, customer management programs, and new social media to learn more about our customers. In place are systems and mechanisms that allow us to respond swiftly to issues that require our immediate attention.

Results of the customer-satisfaction studies are collected and studied for future strategic reviews and consideration. The findings are confidential and proprietary. Nonetheless, we are happy to report that we received excellent ratings for 2009-2010. Many of the figures are improvements from those of previous years.

As in the past, the numbers and insights have led to improvements and innovations in various aspects of the business. Ayala Malls' customer service campaign, "It's always u-First at Ayala Malls," which places emphasis on the customer as the center of the mall experience, and BPI's 24/7 "bank anywhere" banking service are examples of our innovations.

Discussed throughout this report are sustainability initiatives that also represent our companies' responses to the results of the customer studies. The studies show that customers increasingly expect Ayala to be an environmentally responsible conglomerate. Customers also expect us to abide by the various industry and advertising standards and code of ethics when it comes to our published information. We make sure to uphold truth and accuracy in all the information we release to the public.