Making Change Where It Counts

At Ayala, we have always believed that business must be of better value to society. Over 177 years, we have remained committed to national development. With sustainability as our new convention, we drive product and service innovations across the entire Ayala group for more positive effects on our economy, environment, and people. Given the urgency, we leverage our size and scale so that the benefits are more immediate, lasting, and widespread. We do this at a period in our history when it counts the most. The story of these important changes is found in this report.

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2011 Immeasurable
2011 Immeasurable
Beyond the sum is our story;
beyond the measure is motivation.
2010 Sustainability
2010 Sustainability
This is how we are creating the world
we hope to live in someday:
Never losing sight of who
we are building it for. (6:05)